About AMG

AMG Engineering, Inc. (AMG) provides fire protection, loss prevention, and process safety consulting services to the oil & gas, petrochemical, commercial and industrial industries.

AMG’s goal is to work closely with our clients in developing innovative, cost-effective solutions to life safety, fire protection, and loss prevention challenges. We are accustomed to working with the client team to fully understand the various aspects of the safety related issues faced by the project, thereby creating customized approaches that address the overall project as well as individual aspects of the facility design and operation. These integrated solutions not only satisfy the applicable codes and standards, but also fulfill the unique requirements of each project and its associated partners. Our experience allows us to interpret the requirements of applicable codes, standards, specifications applied to a project, design systems and develop unique approaches for providing performance based designs, and coordinate with stakeholders (partners, authorities having jurisdiction, etc.) to discuss solutions and ensure project objectives are met.

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